nichilismo in fotografia is photographer Ronald R. Ferrucci, a denizin of the world Discordia and a follower of Eris…but on the planet Earth he is a web developer, photographer, and erstwhile scientist, based out of New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Italy, or where ever he may rest h is hat at that particular point in time (currently, New Haven, CT).

He has a lovely partner that either placates him, encourages him, or engages with him in his shenanigans—no “good cop, bad cop” just “bad cop, worst cop.” They have two dogs, Halford the Metal Dog, a standard poodle, and Lemmy Poohmeister, hound mutt rescue. As with Dr. Ferrucci’s photographic interest the dogs are influenced by his upbringing in heavy metal.

By way of training and education Dr. Ferrucci, PhD in Human Population Genetics, was originally a biologist with an interest in ecology and animal behavior then a geneticist, subfield of biology, with a background in population genetics, bioinformatics, and statistics. In addition, he is an avid cyclist, educator, and bike mechanic. Occasionally, he teaches college.

what I do

Family Tomb of E.J. Bellocq

A little bit of my work, I guess. As a one-time ecologist, my work focuses on the ephemeral, bygone, and forlorn. My subjects may be abandoned locations/sites, cemeteries, or general urban decay—for example, old, though not necessarily abandoned, cities, for example. I consider myself at times a historian—though I often take a fine arts approach to my work—documenting a vanishing world. Sometimes I like to say that I photograph what I do because it makes me feel like I am in a heavy metal video.

I currently reside along the shoreline of Eastern New Haven, where the good pizza is from, but have lived in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota, The Land of Edward Abbey—that is, the Southwest, more specifically Utah and New Mexico—The Big Easy (New Orleans, natch), and my ancestral homeland of Italy. Each of these locations have influenced my photographic interests.

What means nichilismo in fotografia

Nichilismo in Fotografia translates to “Nihilism in Photography” (from the Italian). I chose this as the name of my photography and website because: 1) I am of Italian descent; 2) I lived and studied in Italy; and 3) it just sounds cool. Essentially, I think it is an appropriate representative of my subject matter.

Con: it’s a pain to remember how to spell it.

Them: “can you spell that for me?”


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